Thursday, February 7, 2013

Numero Quatro!

Well, I usually post this news on my blog first and it comes later on FB, but the rolls are reversed this time it seems. However we are more than excited to announce that mini Jury member #4 will join this crazy family of ours come August! I never cease to be amazed at how equally exciting each baby is, we are over the moon!

And that would be it hand/arm sticking out from it's face.
The baby was soooo active during the ultrasound, which was awesome to see. It was like it was dancing in there! It was so cute and fun to watch. They said that was a really good sign that it's spine was very healthy-awesome!
We were about 10 weeks here.

I have another ultrasound on the 22nd, it's a test that it optional but we have had it done with every child because we like to see them again, especially since that is the time I seem to worry the most-well, at least it used to be when I worried the most. This time around I am non-stop worried. Having had early miscarriages and then having so many friends and family having later miscarriages I seem to just be permanently worried-but that's a mom anyway right?!

Side note: I had a dream last night that we had twins, but here's the kicker, Mike carried them!!! HAHAHA! Talk about weird! I have crazy weird dreams preggo but that I think topped them all! It was a boy and a girl, just in case you wanted to know-the girl was a bit smaller and weaker and the boy was really healthy and good. They WERE beautiful babies though!
Oh, and just for some added info, I probably had that because we had a slight worry that we were pregnant with twins before my ultrasound. They had me come in for blood work to test my levels and check my progesterone levels (since I've had 2 previous miscarriages). My hormone levels were that of someone a month or so further along or of someone at my stage pregnant with multiples. I didn't sleep for a week and a half! Not that twins aren't wonderful and awesome but, yikes-that's a WHOLE lot of work and exhaustion! 3-5?! :) So, they made sure there was just one at our ultrasound! Hahaha, all that worrying for nothing! (oh, and only my worry, Mike almost seemed hopeful that it was twins!)
 That seems to be how I do things! Sorry to my MIL, my sisters, Mike, my Dad, and anyone else that I had a slight panic attack to! :)

Isn't technology amazing?!
I think that baby already has Mikey's long legs...and my big head!! :)
(yes, I am aware that it's head is overly large in proportion to it's body at this point-that was supposed to be funny)


Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

So happy for you guys!! Congrats. Hope your getting lots of rest!

Lots of hugs!

kelleen said...

Sooooo excited for you! yay for baby # 4!