Sunday, February 10, 2013


Life has been a little difficult lately. Not bad, nothing that has gone wrong per say, I just haven't been functioning. The house has been neglected for the last, I don't know, 4 weeks or so. I can probably count on my hands how many times a real dinner has been made and let's not even talk about how early I have been going to bed. And, Daddy hasn't been around a heck of a lot due to crazy work, basketball and YM's calling. So family time? What is that?? :)
Well, today, I stayed home with Makinley from church since she had a nasty nose, hasn't slept in a week and is just completely off. We stayed home watched A LOT of Strawberry Shortcake, rested, rested and rested. The poor girl fought sleep like crazy and managed not to sleep at all today. We did get dinner going in the crock pot though. The sweetie and the kiddos got home, we had dinner and then ALL got into Mommy and Daddy's bed, snuggled and watched a movie.
To say it was completely fantastic is an understatement-we all loved every minute of it, and needed every minute of it!
Tender mercies come in so many different ways-that was ours tonight,
and it was awesome.
Oh and someone lost a tooth last night and tonight!

Look at the boy's freaky eye! Hahahahaha!


John n Shannon said...

Ohhh, I think I have you beat on the "neglected house" matter. And the "I haven't made dinner in forever" matter as well. First trimesters are tough! Mine was not a pretty sight. Mostly, it was just endurance. And I can't even remember if a hot meal was ever served. It was also through the holiday season so needless to say I was the Grinch this past year. Yay for 2nd trimesters though and an opportunity to redeem myself. And prepare for when I get lazy and unmotivated in this 3rd trimester as well. Growing humans is hard work ya know!

kelleen said...

oh man, 1st trimesters are SO hard! It's like trying to do everything through a fog of exhaustion, and perhaps nausea as well? (I hope not for you..) dont be too hard on yourself about the house or your other kids--they'll all turn out ok. That body of yours is going through a lot! Love the toothless grin! Hugs to all, miss you friend!