Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big Girl, say WHAAAAAT?!

We no longer have a baby in the house!
 (I say that we still do to myself though)
As of this week, I can confidently say that Makinley is a big girl and is pretty much potty trained!
She has been a breeze. We didn't take one week and do it, we actually took a few days here and a few days there-due to our seemingly busy schedule as of late and the whole "non-functioning" Momma thing. That totally worked for her though. It was relaxed and do it as it comes but she seemed to "get it" really fast. She never really put up a fight at all. Going #2, like a real #2 instead of something that accidently came out, scared her the first time and I thought we were doomed from there but nope-she's a brave one and just suddenly started doing it. She is still figuring out exactly when she needs to go and what that actual feeling is so we are having some piddle pants but she stops herself comes and gets me and goes on the potty! We are really proud of her, and I myself am quite surprised-I thought with her firecracker personality that she would prove to be very difficult...not so much!
Good job big girl, we are so proud of you!
this is an older photo from last month sometime but I still can't get over how cute she is in panties!
She picked her some Minnie and Daisy panties and also some My Little Pony ones-she thinks she's pretty awesome!


Carolina said...

Yay for her... And you!! Potty training success is always very exciting. I have always thought kiddies in little underwear are so adorable. Cute pic!

kelleen said...

Hooray! So glad it went smoothly for you both. I have no excuse for being such a slacker with training Ammon--you just gave me a boost in the right direction to get myself in gear! ;)