Saturday, February 23, 2013

Evening the Numbers

Thursday night I had a Relief Society Women's activity and as I headed down into the garage to get in the car I instantly hear, what sounded like raining (which it was doing outside), but it was WAY too loud to be outside...yep, our garage was raining from the upstairs! Our refrigerator to be precise. It was a lot too. It turned into one of the longest evenings ever as we tried to wrangle kids that couldn't sleep because of a massive storm that came through, and figure out how to fix this big ole' leak. After realizing it wasn't something he do alone and that would be better to have an actual plumber come out the next day to fix, Mike turned off all the water (which was the only way everything would stop leaking, as we actually had 2 leaks) and we went to bed. Having no water is really not fun, breakfast was interesting only because our kitchen was messy from dinner and all the tools and what not from attempting to fix what we couldn't. I had to go to Kelli's to shower because I had a Dr.'s appt. that day, Mike stayed home because there was no way for me to be able to A. explain in detail to the plumber B. to be here for the plumber and be at my appt. since they happened around the same time and C. We had no one to watch the kids anymore because 2 of the 3 were sick with fevers and nasty noses/coughs. 

I'll be honest, I was really discouraged for some legit reasons and I was also nervous for my appt.-it was an ultrasound and I always get nervous because I just want everything to be okay. My head was kind of spinning a little between worrying about the cost of this leak, worrying about my sick kiddos and worrying about the baby.
I got a text from Mike while sitting in the waiting room telling me it didn't cost even half of what we thought it would! I was so grateful that the office was running behind because otherwise I wouldn't have felt the peace that I did when he sent that-HUGE blessing.

I get called back for my ultrasound, I had the sweetest nurse EVER! We talked and laughed so much you would have thought we were old friends...more peace. She told me how active our baby was and how crazy she thought that was. Even only being 13 weeks she said she wouldn't be surprised if I had felt it already due to it's activity level and she didn't doubt I would feel it soon-that all just made me of our kids being active?? WHAT?! :)
Then she asked me if we wanted to know the sex of the baby. And said of course we were going to find out, we (meaning I) are not patient! She then asked, "Well, do you want to know today?" I was like what, you can tell already-which should have been my clue!
I debated back and forth since Mike wasn't there but ultimately said yes-I couldn't NOT find out! :)
I am excited to say that for the first time of my children, I was wrong! I haven't been entirely sure this pregnancy what it was, just blank. And then in the last week or two I had kind if felt girl-but still not 100% sure. Anyway,


Our second little mister has a VERY excited older brother! Patrick is just elated that he will have a little buddy who will get to share his room with him! He gave our family prayer this morning and said, "And we are thankful that the baby is a baby boy." Made my heart flutter and it made me smile!

Two of each! How fun is that!?

Oh, and the testing (which was the reason of the ultra-sound) went great! Everything with this little guy looked perfect and "normal"! The ultrasound tech said he also has very long legs...just like his daddy! :)

So, long story but everything turned out alright-as it always does. How grateful I am for all the bits of peace and reassurance along the way and for the awesome news by the end of it all. The girls are still sick but I think are on the mend...and that is, of course, really good too!


The Singer Family said...

Congratulations!!!! How exciting for another boy.
Sorry for your crazy water night--my pain was probably different but we've had enough dumb nights with weird house stuff and small kids that I think I can say "i've felt your pain." Glad it's fixed!!!

kelleen said...

LOVE this post! And your ever as always positive turn on everything--and Hooray for it being a boy! I bet Patrick can hardly contain himself! Hooray for a healthy baby and a fixed up house & hope the de-humidifier comes through for you. love you girl and am so excited for you!

D... said...

YAY!!!! How fun!! Congratulations on your new little boy! :) And so happy that things worked out for you, for your healthy baby, and your little family! :)