Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Sun is Shining

And the title pretty much sums up the post!
I don't think that I could EVER live in Seattle! These past 2 months is what it has felt like though! It has rained soooo much and the sun hasn't made it's appearance but a few times-I exaggerate not. I could feel that I was being more negative and non productive but I chalked it up to 1st trimester junk-which I do think played some part of it. However, when I opened the blinds this morning and the sunshine flooded in, it was like I had been opened up again-and that sounds so goofy to say out loud, but seriously I felt new. 
I started putting clothes away, got laundry going again, dusted washed windows, exercised, cleaned the bathroom, wiped down mirrors, got the dishwasher going and I am about to start folding said laundry. Oh, and, including my kids, I have 6 kids in the house right now!
And the other happy news, I am finally feeling good again! The nausea has nearly disappeared! (Sorry Margie!) AND, I have actually slept fairly decent the last couple of nights (my legs, back and bladder have caused significant issues since around 5.5 weeks). Whooie-I feel like a new woman! 

And with that, I guess I need to get on with my day! :)
Happy Wednesday, we're half over! 

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Margie said...

I am soo jealous! I made it one day short of 2 weeks w/o throwing up and then what happened? I threw up in the kitchen sink... couldn't even make it to the bathroom! I've still been feeling pretty sickly at night but have been holding the pukes down... until tonight! :( But glad you seem to have a much easier time... send some of that sun and feel goods this way!!!