Thursday, February 28, 2013


I guess I spoke a little soon yesterday by declaring that the morning sickness was pretty much gone, today has been so bad. However, I do think it I have some stomach thing along with it-in fact, I know that I do. Tonight, my emotions are very on the surface. It's been a long day, not bad, well-I feel like it was for my kids because I was not functioning and pretty much laid in bed all day-but long it has definitely been.
However, tonight, I feel overly grateful for a husband that is understanding and that helps so much all the time-even when he is thoroughly exhausted and stressed himself. I have awesome kids, who have gone with the flow as there Momma has been no fun for a while now. And I am grateful for this body of mine that allows me to bring these awesome children into the world-I know it is not that way or so easy for so many women. Glad, even though emotional, that my thoughts could turn this direction tonight.
I caught a part of Hope Floats the other day and all week long I have had the a phrase from it repeating over and over in my mind,
"My cup runneth over."


Jennifer Jury said...

I LOVE the pics!!

kelleen said...

Super cute pics. Hope you get back to feeling better soon & that the sun keeps shining for you. Love ya lady!