Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hoppy Hoppy Hoppy

First of all, I cannot believe it has been a full month since I posted last!
I have run into an issue with the camera that we have and kind of subconsciously decided that since it had issues and there were no pics being taken then I shouldn't blog because...well, how fun is blogging without pictures?!
Anyway, I at least got some pictures on Easter from my phone.
We had a good Easter. The kids had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning (no pics from that though) and then we kind of just chilled the rest of the day, and it was fabulous. Sunday morning and day seemed crazy, although in reality it wasn't-I was just REALLY crabby because I was completely worn out and so everything just seemed terrible, but really it was just fine. As it is every year, Mike's mom made the Easter attire and it turned out super cute! Honestly, I was skeptical when I heard it was black and white-I have always loved the pastels and bright colors that Easter brings-but I was so glad that the skepticism was unnecessary, it was all SOOOO cute! The girls looked beautiful and the men, oh so handsome with their bow ties. Our chosen accent color was a lavender purple. I didn't find anything in that color for me but did find a plum purple which seemed to go just fine-although there isn't a picture with me in it. :)
Thank you Meema-we LOVED them!

Well, apparently my phone and computer haven't updated together so, I don't have all the pics from my phone-just snagged this one off of Facebook. As soon as they update together I will post the other ones-Mike also has a bow-tie and the girls are standing so you get a better look at the dresses, and the beautiful detail with the piping. SO CUTE!

Photo: Happy Easter!
 Aren't they beautiful!?

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Kaylynn said...

Yep... your kids are beautiful! And I can't wait to see pictures of that baby on the way! Hope everything is going great! :)