Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eggs and Easter Morning

We died Easter eggs on Saturday night-it didn't go as good as we'd hoped, whatever kind we got  didn't wirj very good and the eggs didn't dye well. Oh well, it was still fun! Here's the kiddos getting their baskets on Easter morning as well...and ignore all the folded clothes in the background, we hadn't gotten them put away from the night before. :) Patrick was super exhausted that morning, but I love his sleepy eyes-he's such a cutie! The girls dug into the candy quickly!

So focused!

And I swoon! Look at those eyes!

Something about these girls and the Cadbury Egg...not sure where they get it from since Mommy and Daddy won't eat them!

Gotta love the Easter grass! ;)

Probably one of my most favorite pictures of him ever-so cute!!

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