Monday, April 15, 2013

It's the little things

I never knew that it would be a big deal to have neighbors stop by and introduce themselves and leave goodies, but I was wrong. After almost 9 months we had our first neighbors come by, apologize for it having been so long, give us cookies and stand on our porch and chat with us for about an hour. We have actually met nearly all of neighbors because our kiddos play outside and are not shy but, it was just so different to have someone make such an effort-that really sounds dumb but...maybe it's the preggo hormones?? Haha!
Anyway, it was awesome. And not only did they stand and make us feel so welcomed but when they found out we were LDS, it, for the first time since we moved here, was not a big deal to them (or at least they didn't make it that way)! We haven't had super positive experiences when people have found that out-no confrontation but this "oh..." that leaves every other thought going through their head floating around like an awkward turtle. I actually had a neighbor, "Oh, so it's just because you've never known anything else." When she found out I had always been one-super uncomfortable! But anyway, that doesn't matter, but it was nice not to feel judged for it. It was just kind of an awesome evening, and I am just grateful for the little things in life that make us smile.

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