Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Half Way!

Again, slightly behind, but only a little this time!
We have hit our half way mark with this pregnancy! I am supposed to have a picture to post with this but that will come later today, usually by the time Mike gets home I am looking, ummm, a little rough. :) So I will try harder today to keep it together!
Everything is going really good though. My sciatic nerve is being quite a bit less than friendly this pregnancy-which isn't something that I have experienced with any of the others. It has put me on the ground a couple of times and caused me to not be able to walk at others. The last few days have been better though-I am pretty sure little man has shifted and moved upward a bit more, which has helped tremendously. I am having a few more better nights of sleeping these last few days too, since my nerve has let up a bit-so that's been nice as well. Since he's moved a bit he is no longer kicking me where no one can feel it but me. He's a really active little guy and proved so as he proceeded to kick Patch in the head for a good 5 minutes yesterday! It was awesome! Not to mention, but I will, that he had been kicking/punching before that and continued to after that for forever! I love every second of it. 

With the realization that he will be here in less than 19 weeks (given that my scheduled c-section is the 22nd of August-1 week early) a lengthy list of what all needs to get done has been writing itself non-stop in my head! Today it goes down on paper! :) We have a lot to do! But that's good too-it will make the time go by faster hopefully-the first half seemed to last forever this time around. 

Anyway, we are getting so excited around here and are glad we are counting down now!

This was in the morning, when I was ready, it's always a little smaller in the morning.

And, by the end of the day, there is food on my clothes and I have had a change of clothes as well-into something more comfy...so much for keeping it together yesterday-I am sick with some sinus stuff though, so we'll blame it on that! :)

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