Monday, April 29, 2013


The last couple of weeks has been, well, interesting.
Things were crazy busy between dental appts., kindergarten pre-registration (seems a little over-kill, right), a Family Fun fair, Father/Son campout, and the list goes on.
Oh, and the entire last week (seriously, Sunday to Sunday) we spent at the house because every kiddo here got sick. It was one of the longest and crabbiest weeks of my life-there may be some of that crab left but...I am working on it! ;)

Let's start with the first on the list, because it was monumental. So, Patrick went to the dentist when we lived in Virginia, and he was hesitant but didn't put up a fight-like I expected. So, we scheduled an appt. for him and Maddie 6 months ago...and he wouldn't have it. It was what I had anticipated for his first ever appt. Except, he had already been before and had his teeth cleaned!
Anywho, we finally had another appt. for him a week or 2 ago and he did marvelous! YAY!
Speaking of Patrick, he is now pre-registered for school! I am not exactly sure of what all will finalize his registration-since they have all his documents, but apparently we do the rest online at some point. He does have Kindergarten kick-off the end of this week and he gets to meet all of the kindergarten teachers and go with them and get comfortable-which will be fantastic, since he has really no desire or enthusiasm to go. So, hopefully, this will get him more excited!

Maddie's school holds a fundraiser each spring called the Family Fun Fair. And fun it was! They had fair rides and yummy fair food, games, face painting and even finger nail painting! A fair was a first for Maddie, and she loved it! Mike and Patch were at their Father/Son campout so it was a GNO for Momma, Maddie and Makinley. I was so proud of Maddie, she wanted to ride everything-and she rode most of them! She had a blast, and I loved watching her get so excited to see all of her friends. 
She was happy, happy, happy!

The Father/Son campout was...interesting! That Friday and Friday night were by far the coldest we had seen in a couple of weeks! The food prepared by the stake that night wasn't child friendly, Patch got a yucky tummy problem, which presented a problem since he really needed a bathroom close by, Mike froze because he gave Patrick his sleeping bag because Patch's wasn't warm enough (he's a good daddy), breakfast turned out great-which was a relief since they were all starving from the night before, and then the service project wasn't designed well for Dad's with littler sons. However, although all this went wrong Patrick still came home with a smile on his face...and Mike had a really worn out smile! :)

This entire last week the kids have all been incredibly sick. It started last Sunday-the 21st, with Makinley throwing up, that lasted throughout the day and brought the other end as well. She was still really sick Monday into Tuesday, however, that "other end" lasted all the way to Thursday! 5 days for a tiny girl, and hardly any eating! I remember getting so excited on Wednesday when she ate an entire piece of toast and a few bites of rice-sad but seriously, such a break through! Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning brought Maddie into our room saying she didn't feel well and she was burning up with fever. She stayed home Wednesday hoping to get better since she had a field trip Thursday. She was off and on all day that day, going to bed feverless. She didn't sleep most of that night because of an awful cough that decided to rear it's ugly head. She came in our room really early on Thursday morning saying, "Mom, I didn't see the clock for 9, 10, 11 or 12 last night!" She tried so hard to be perky and sound like she felt better but her scalding skin proved otherwise. Tears ensued for a while until she realized she didn't have to put up a front to being sick anymore and she essentially collapsed on the couch just watching tv. We got into the doc. where she was running 102.5-which is a big deal for her. We left with them pretty concerned about her but chalking it all up to a virus. We stopped by WalMart to grab some children's advil, a new thermometer, and some Vick's vapor rub-Makinley cried the entire time because her belly hurt so bad, but then her bum did too-so she wouldn't go to the bathroom. And then, at the end as we were checking out Maddie ran to the bathroom and got sick-that made our 3rd trip to the bathroom. Maddie's fever seemed to peak at 103 that day. She continued to be sick until Sunday, and then Patch took his turn. He started throwing up in the morning and did just a couple of times that day but ran a high fever as well all day long. He's kind of funny though when he's sick. He doesn't stop talking...even when he's throwing up!
This morning brought a girl finally able to go to school! Wahoo! Her eyes still look sick-which sounds weird unless you saw them the entire time she was sick, but, no fever and no throwing up! Patch, seems good at the moment as well! Now, we need to get this house looking like it hasn't thrown up for that last week!

Thankfully, though all of this, Mike and I have stayed healthy! That's quite the blessing and one that I am holding onto while fighting the grumpies and "woe is me" attitude. This wasn't a complaining post, just one for our records-for it was rather interesting! :)

Oh, and if anyone wants a 2 year old for a week, they can come and get her!
Let me emphasize 2 year old! :)
(This too shall pass!)

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kelleen said...

sounds miserable! SO glad you didn't get it all prego and all--nothing worse than being sick with the sick kiddos. Glad everyone is feeling better and starting to eat--that can sure be scary when they are tiny like that. Hope your week this week is a thousand times better!