Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Preggo Momma's Post (beware!)

Just to note, we're on day 2 of everyone feeling good again! Wahoo!

I just wanted to write this down, just for my records, it can be hard to remember things from when you're pregnant, ya know, after the fact.

This pregnancy has definitely been different for me. I know everyone says that each pregnancy is different but for me, the first 2 were a breeze. I definitely threw up WAY more with the first and not at all with the second but other than that-they were nearly identical...that I can remember. Makinley, the 3rd pregnancy brought out my incredibly feisty side and more back pain than I thought possible. I carried her very differently and was way more tired and nauseous. I am sure Mike thought something happened with his wife over night-that feistiness I spoke of...yeah it really was rough-especially for him. (which kind of completely explains Makinley in a nutshell:) My emotions were there but again, expressed more in blunt-ness and frustration rather than my typical tears.
And then this time around, hmmm. Everything happened sooner, for sure, but it's been hard to put it into words. Whiny, yeah, I guess that sums it up. I have been a whiny whiny girl. I have some feistiness but it comes and goes in spurts, it's not permanent. The tears? Not so much but when I do have it it lasts for a day or 2 and it's always triggered by missing my busy husband-and then everything else comes out too. All 3 previous pregnancies I have been able to sleep well until around 25 plus weeks. I haven't slept well since before I found out I was pregnant-the crazy dreams and nighttime potty breaks started around 2 weeks-seriously. And then not being comfortable started super fast-my bones are just taking it all differently this time. This little man is hanging out way lower than any of the other ones and therefore causing an inability of walking pretty often. By the time Mike gets home I am sure I look like I need hip and knee replacements! :) Haha! 
However, while all of this may sound super negative and bad, I would take it anytime-it is the most amazing and incredible thing I have done, ever. It is really hard but the most incredible hard thing ever. It really isn't complaining either-in my eyes-because it just is what it is and to me, to remember what a difficult thing my body has done is important. It makes the most difficult and amazing changes a body can. I can't express my awe in words of what is happening inside (and outside for that matter) of my body. I feel and watch him moving all over and it is just nothing short of indescribable. Watching the kiddos rub my belly and talk to it and to watch the wonder and excitement in their eyes makes my heart melt. They are just as thrilled as I am with changes going on and what it all means for the near future. And, I know that it's doesn't get to happen for every woman or it doesn't happen as easily for some women as it does for others, so, I'll take it all, no matter how hard it may seem. And my struggles and hardship doesn't compare to that of a lot of others either.

I am just super grateful today for this experience again and for all the struggles and amazing things that my body is doing in the process, and for this little nugget who is cooking/kicking away!

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John n Shannon said...

Well said. Being pregnant is hard. Worth it...but still hard. There are a handful of things I actually enjoy about it but other than that I consider it a "means to an end." But, I'm also very grateful my body is able to do what it seems like others struggle with. However, I don't think it should ever diminish our opportunity to complain of our aches and pains and difficulties....in moderation of course. ;o) I'm 30 weeks and actually measuring 33 weeks. Yay. I feel huge and am at the point where I'm ready to just be done and meet the little girly. They are way more fun on the outside I think. :D Congrats and good luck enduring this last little bit before he comes!