Friday, May 10, 2013

A New Goal

Having children has been the greatest thing I have ever done, but having children has also caused me to severely slack on my home duties. It's been frustrating for some time, especially since pregnant again, to look around my house and see soooo much that needs to be done all the time. It seemed to get discouraging, and so much so that I finally was just like-I don't care, it can wait. I have come to realize though that it doesn't help my mood any if I do wait. Obviously there are times and moments that it HAS to wait or should come second to my children but there is also a point where it does need to be done. I put it off far too often than I should. And not only does a messy home affect me, it affects the whole mood of the home and everyone in it. It sounds corny, but there is a peace that comes in a clean home, a peace and a happiness. Oh, and definitely a sense of accomplishment. Mike has always been such a help not only with the kiddos but with the house as well. As of late the poor man has been so exhausted, due to work being a bit more than draining and taxing, that for him to come home to a mess makes me feel lower than dirt. He needs to come home to a place where, when he walks in the door, he can feel the lift of stress and know he can spend time having some fun with the kids and letting go of work. Again, it doesn't mean that there will never be a time when there's a mess when he comes home-it just doesn't need to be every room! :) (besides, I swear, that 4-5:30 time is the time when somewhere in the house falls apart-kids think they have free range when Mom is cooking dinner) So, after reading an article found on Pinterest the other day, I have made a new goal-and one that is super achievable-even preggo. I was amazed at how much I got done last night-I did end up doing it for longer than an hour, but not a lot longer than that, and I felt even better since the kids were asleep and Mike was gone. I went to sleep not feeling overwhelmed, looking forward to my day today, and proud for the hubby to come home at some point and feel like he could relax after a SUPER long day. And you know, it was pretty nice to sit and relax with him, even if it was just for 30 minutes before we went to bed!

Anyway, here's the article, maybe it will help someone else as well! I will do an update at some point on how I am doing on my goal.

The article is HERE.

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