Tuesday, August 13, 2013

9 days

So...1 week and 2 days and we will be snuggling with our newest little addition! To say that we are excited is quite the understatement! Madilynn stuck her face in my belly today and says, "COME OUT!" in this deep and loud voice...the kiddos are trying so hard to be patient but it is HARD!
 Are we ready? Yes and no. No, because we still haven't gotten his clothes put away because his little armoire isn't finished being refinished-and that's where his clothes will go. Hopefully that will happen this week-I can't seem to get my own room clean because his clothes are in it! Once that is done then, I think, we will feel more ready. Yes, because, well, it's been 9 months! We are excited to see what he looks like and to smell the yumminess of a newborn, and of course kiss all up on, what is sure to be, complete cuteness. Daddy seems to really be looking forward to the after work snuggles that he ALWAYS does with a newborn-that will relieve a bit of stress we hope, and just give him and added boost. Babies just bring so much joy and happiness, and it seems that it's an appropriate time for that-for sure!

I am also getting super nervous! With all the happiness and love and excitement that come with babies...it's hard too-in a great way! I can deal with the no sleeping and getting up for feedings and what not but man, the emotional roller-coaster that comes from your hormones has me nervous as all get out! People think that the pregnancy itself is crazy with your emotions-and oh boy it is-but the after is hard too. I just want to be the best I can be for these sweet kiddos of mine, and that awesome husband that I get to call mine as well. They need some saneness with all that is going on and hopefully I can be as sane as possible! :) And I won't go in to the nerves of breast-feeding...that could be a post in and of itself! YOUCH!

Well, it's all exciting nonetheless, even the scary/nerve racking stuff.
I can hardly wait!


Kaylynn said...

We're so excited for you! Good luck with everything! And we can't wait to see pictures of that adorable baby!! :)

John n Shannon said...

Oh I remember all those feelings so well. Newborns are hard...especially the part where you take it day-to-day just figuring out what your new normal is. And your children and husband will be great and very supportive of the huge undertaking you have sacrificed for this little guy. It isn't an easy job...both being pregnant and having a newborn and then juggling it all afterwards. Everyone has an important role to play but yours is the biggest by far (no pun intended ;) I still feel like we've got a ways to go but at the same time have gotten into a somewhat sane lifestyle. Good luck! Either way it's SO EXCITING to finally meet that little guy that has been residing in you for so long! Can't wait to see pictures!