Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Child's Prayer

When I think of Maddie, I think of her as a serious, beautiful, happy, curious girl, and an old soul.
She has this amazing spirit and with it seems to come to this understanding that I wouldn't think, at her age, a child could have-an understanding of spiritual/gospel related things. She just seems to "get it" so easily.
We really are so blessed to call her our daughter.

It is no secret, at this point, that the company that we came down here for is nearly depleted. What most people don't know is that our job is in jeopardy every single day and that each time I see Mike's name on the caller i.d., my heart picks up it's pace until I hear the way his voice sounds. We knew this job was a risk when we started investing even our thoughts into it-I don't think we anticipated that it was such a short lived risk, but we knew that it was a risk regardless. A lot of people seem to think it should be something that upsets us, or makes us angry-it couldn't be more the opposite. This was OUR decision, and one that even though the results aren't what we hoped for, it was what was right for our family-every step that we have taken. It has been an amazing experience for us though, one of faith (more faith than, I think, we knew we had,) trust, and complete dependence on our Heavenly Father. I worry not about us as much but about so many others who are all affected by this as well. It's been a rough month or so, as it has all just happened in that time period, but one in which I am grateful to Heavenly Father for bringing me this sense of peace and calm, as I have needed, in order to see this pregnancy to a "healthy for baby to come" stage. He is always providing what we need, even if in the moment we may not realize it. Tonight, I have felt more nerves than peace, more worry and fear than faith and trust-which I find a bit frustrating to have.

So, what do these 2 things, Maddie and our job, have to do with each other?
I didn't want to forget, ever, the moment which I was blessed to hear and listen to tonight-through
 a closed door. I gave Maddie a kiss and told her goodnight, and as I left her room I reminded her to say her prayers. After giving Patrick a kiss and telling him the same things I left but heard talking coming from Maddie's room. So, I nudged my head onto her door to listen to what was going on. And I hear her praying, praying that the people who were losing their jobs might be taken care of, praying that her family (aunts, uncles and cousins) wouldn't have to move away but be able to find jobs and be "protected" and blessed. And other things as well. My heart leapt! And I found myself walking down the stairs feeling stronger-feeling peace again...and in my heart pleading for answers to a sweet and humble child's prayer.

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Kaylynn said...

I had no idea there was so much uncertainty with Mike's job... I'm sure everything will work out how it's supposed to (as hard as it is to say that sometimes)! Hopefully that new, sweet baby will be able to get everyone's mind off of things for a while!