Monday, March 17, 2014

A before and a during...

The half bath in the hallway is going to be the death of us, I swear!

This is what it looked like before...hideous country blue textured (a combed down like texture) walls, your basic, OLD, builder grade cabinets with terrible handles and a laminate counter-top. All very 80's, very dated. So, we wanted to give it an updated look until we can replace the vanity and mirror one day. A little over a year ago my step-dad mudded the walls so that we could get rid of the nasty texture-and nasty blue. It sat like that for nearly a year. It was kind of unexpected for the mudding, but seriously, a mudded wall was WAY better than what was in there! Thanks Rob! It is still just mudded on the walls. I am priming and painting it this week. However, I went to work on the cabinets and counter-top some time ago...

And today, this is what it looks like! I used all the same fixtures, bought nothing but spray paint.
I spray painted the faucet, the hinges, the screws and the cabinet door handles with Rust-oleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze and then I sealed it all. I wrapped the handles with hot glue and twine...they're my favorite thing in the bathroom. I have also spray painted the floor vent, the door knob and the hinges on the door. The hinges aren't quite finished but they will be tonight and the bathroom door will go back on! I used Minwax Gel Stain and spruced up the hardwoods as well, and then sealed them with some poly. (it's currently covered in newspaper or I'd show a picture) The cabinet has been painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint, in white, and then they have a wax finish. You can't really tell but there is slight distressing to the doors and I love it. I love chalk paint! White isn't my favorite to work with but man, that stuff is amazing! Now, the counter top! This part was's spray paint! No lie! It's Rust-oleum's American Accents Stone Textured Finish-in Stone Pebble. I highly recommend if you do this to prime the counter top first-I didn't, but will in my other bathrooms. Then I sealed it and WHA-LA! Yes, it's bumpy but it's not uncomfortable bumpy. I used a glossy finish sealer so that I could clean it easily still. (which clearly needs to be done right now:)

We still need to frame the mirror, but up the bead-board, paint the walls, caulk, and decorate but...we're soooo much closer! I am hoping to have it all knocked out within the next week or 2. It's taken us this long though so let's not hold our breath! ;)

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