Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beginning Again

A few weeks back Mike and I hopped onto to this little blog of ours and starting looking at old posts. Mainly looking at pictures/videos of our babies (who are no longer babies anymore). We loved reading through the happenings of our life then, which launched us into conversation and memories of our life as a family, our adventures, our mishaps, our struggles, our happiness.
Tonight, I was taking Makinley and Patrick on a mid-night potty run and giving sleeping kisses to all of them before I climbed into bed, and as I looked at each of one them, sleeping so soundly and looking ever so big the thought crossed my mind, "Wow, you've let so much time pass without recording a bit of it. You've let life become so busy that the memories of all of it aren't going to be remembered." 

I remember when I first heard about blogging. We were in Virginia, away from all family, living in a 3rd floor apartment building, which was a rather questionable place, had 1 baby and another on the way. A friend from church told me all about it. I left thinking, "I have got to try this out! It will be perfect to keep our family in the loop of our everyday life.This is going to be fun!" From that very first post, I loved every second of blogging. I was finally keeping a "journal" of some sort for the first time in my life, and I loved it! I have a terrible memory and so posting these stories and pictures made sure, in my mind, that it would never be forgotten because it could always be found.

I haven't REALLY blogged in like a year, maybe longer. I really regret it. The other problem, I haven't really taken many pictures either. I have on my phone, but phone pics on a blog are...interesting usually. I LOVE pictures, I love taking them, I love editing them, I love looking at them over and over and over again. So, it's my new goal to get going on this again. I want the memories, I want them for me and I want them for my family.

So, here's to new goals and beginning again!

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