Monday, May 12, 2014

A few pictures and a little update

I have finally started taking pictures again, so getting back into blogging may be a little easier.
Life has been good to us lately. It always is good, even amidst struggle. Our kids are growing too fast and we hit new stages weekly it feels like...with all of them.

 School is out next week, for the summer, and I am really looking forward to spending time with the kids. We have a lot of work to do this summer, particularly with Maddie though. We will be doing "school work" for about an hour a day. We feel as though she isn't where she needs to be, her teacher was rather interesting this year (to put it nicely) and it wasn't just with our daughter. Anywho, we need to get her ready for 2nd grade. We hope to have a lot of fun this summer too. Not entirely sure what all that will entail but the good ole' outdoors will be our friend-at least for the first half of the day! :)

We've got a bunch of house projects to complete this summer too. The bathroom that I posted on not THAT long ago, yeah, it still isn't done-getting closer but still not done. Our dining room furniture needs to be re-finished and we need to finish under the chair rail-getting the board and batten put up. Then, HOPEFULLY, we'll get to the kitchen. It's got nasty brown trim and flat brown paint...that's GOT to go! We plan on refinishing the cabinets as well but I may be able to bare it a little longer if the trim and walls are at least painted.

 Busy busy busy. We like it that way! :)

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