Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free Ice Cream

We got a text this morning-I am still not sure who it was from-that Haagen Dazs had free ice cream cones today. So, we headed over to the Galleria, which happens to be where Daddy's office is, and had ice cream with Daddy. We had a great/delicious time. Random fun and yummy trips are the best!

She's like her Momma, a Cookies N' Cream lover.
I think she's really tired, huh?

I'm such a mean mom, I found this hysterical!
He was going to town on his Strawberry Sorbet and all of the sudden his face got really serious and then...see below.


It took him maybe 10 seconds and then he grabbed that cone right back form his Daddy and went at it again!

He thought the Pig on the carousel that had a goose head sticking out of the top of it's bum (no lie, it really was) was really funny.

This girly was soooo focused on her sorbet! She loved it...and so did her nose.

And this sweet boy hung out like a champ. He's such a good baby!

And then, this guy. He really doesn't like having his picture taken but I held the camera on him until I got a few laughs and some grins. Love him so much.

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