Sunday, May 18, 2014

This girl

I can't say enough about this girl. I just lover her to death.
She is getting too old, nearly 7 1/2 and wise beyond her years. She loves art and her art kit for Christmas has been the best, well used gift she's ever gotten. She has an opinion of her own that she is not at all shy of sharing-but she's kind of always been that way. She has a say in her "style" now and it can range from super cute to, um, a bit interesting. :) She wanted bangs cut the other day, and while they look uneven in this pic. they are indeed even. We got done cutting it, washing it and styling it and I nearly cried, she's so old looking and even more beautiful. She's beautiful inside and out, she has an amazing spirit and an intense desire to learn about her Heavenly Father, her Savior and the gospel. She amazes me non-stop with her knowledge and questions about those things. She loves to read, she loves to help, she loves riding her bike and she loves being a big sister. We love her beyond words and are so grateful that it was our family that she was meant to come to. 

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