Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Handsome!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY!!!! While this picture and video are from last night, his birthday is today!! We (me and the kids) could not be more grateful for this very special day, the day when all our lives changed forever as well, even though we weren't here yet! As I type this and think about this wonderful man I cannot help but tear up. How I wish I was good with words! Mike, you mean more to me and to our children than you could ever know! I love you so much and am so grateful to have you in my life and with me for eternity! I hope you have a wonderful day and know how much your family loves you and appreciates all that you do for us!

At the last minute we had Nate and Diane come over and celebrate with us with root beer/orange ice cream floats. We will be having cake tonight-pictures to come, if it turns out right! :)

A few things I love about you:

1. Your amazingly beautiful eyes that can make me melt even when I am not so happy with you!

2.) How hard of a worker you are and how you take care of our family

3. The way you love me even with all my imperfections

4. Your amazing patience

5. The way you walk into the room and our kids couldn't be more happy

6. The amazing father you are and the love you give to our children

7. How talented you are in so many different things

8. That you honor your priesthood and are willing to use it for anyone at any time, and your love for the temple

9. How quickly you are to forgive and ask for forgiveness :)

10. The depth of your love for our Heavenly Father, His Son and for your family!

I love you sweetie and will always and forever...I WIN! :)


Kristal said...

Oh yeah real old Mike!! I turned 28 this year!! Ross is right behind me though. :)

The Juries!! said...

Hey, MIKEY, it's your birthday!!!

Jones Family said...

Happy Birthday Mike! 27 can't be old...I'm coming up on that this year...& don't even talk to Billy about it...he has ya by 3 years...almost 4! :)

Erin Trump said...

Happy Birthday Mike! Thanks for being our faithful Home Teacher! You're an awesome dude.

Jen said...