Monday, April 26, 2010


i happen upon the realization that life is short every so often.
 i then find myself praying even more and thinking far more than i should.

 i received some bad news about 2 of my family members last night and this morning. that equalled not much sleep last night with bizzaro dreams, lots of phone converstaions in which the other person on the line probably couldn't understand a word of what i was saying, huge puffy eyes this morning and more phone converstaions.

while life has not been taken away this news is still difficult.  i am oddly grateful though for a moment of chaos, stress and tears. why? well, sometimes we need to realize just how important people are in our lives. we need to realize that life and health are a gift, one that is given but so easily taken away as well.
it doesn't matter, ever, (whether family or not) how much someone has hurt/offended/bugged you because when it comes down to it...well, it just doesn't matter. what matters is that they know you love them, that you know they love you, and that you have done all you can to get that message across.

life is too short, you never know when tomorrow is no more so take advantage of today and love all you can...and express it so there is no regret or second thought.

i guess i could say that that is my need this week. to make sure that everyone i know, knows that i love them. and knows that if there is anything that i have ever done to hurt you, whether with intent or not that i am sorry.

i love you all and hope your week is filled with love, laughter and that every moment is spent soaking it all in.

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Jones Family said...

SO true!!! Hope you are feeling better. It's hard but reality checks like that are good once in awhile.