Monday, May 3, 2010

Are there children here???

I realized the past few posts have been children-less...well, picture-less actually.

What's up with that?

Alas, the children are alive and very well. We were in DC last week with my sister, hence no posting. We had a great time but no pics were taken, oddly enough. So, these are my children with their breakfast sometime ago...they find anything and everything, we have climbers here folks-yay.

cute climbers though, huh? ;)

By the way, we have not kept up with potty training the little man. He decided to stop sleeping the week we did it, which meant mom got no sleep either. Sleepless, patientless cranky Mom and son do not make good potty trainers/trainees. However, he continues to tell me he's stinky and when he's peed his diaper. And as of yesterday cannot handle having a diaper we have a crazy "nakie" boy running around 50% of the time. The other 50%? Well, he's in big boy underware or we aren't home so he has clothes on...thank goodness.

And Maddie? She's so awesome right now. She always has been but I LOVE the stage she is in now. So helpful, cute and fun. Is all the attitude gone? No, but a bit of it is. She is very into Disney music right now and runs around the house singing it ALL THE TIME. She's a cutie.


Erin said...

I sure love you and your kiddos too. I'm so glad we met you guys!

blueeyedfreckle said...

hey shannon! thanks for the nice compliment on my blog! you and your family are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! and I scrolled down and saw the quote from M Russel Ballard... I am mormon too! I know 90%of the blog world IS mormon, but still, since you found me via homemade grits, that is kinda cool!