Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mile-marker and rub-a-dub-dub

If you don't keep daily tabs like me, and honestly I would think you were a little weird if you did, about how long I have left with this pregnancy well...

I am 30 weeks today!!! WAHOO, only 8 weeks and 6 days left!

With that said, I am curious about something from each of you. A while ago a friend in our church ward told me about a time she was pregnant and they had gone out to eat. She had gone to the restroom right before they left the restaurant and someone in the bathroom straight up, and I quote, "Molested my belly." She told the rest of the story about this stranger who had been rubbing her belly being way more friendly about it than she should have.

Can we say AWKWARD?!

I have laughed and laughed about this and been terrified. Well, last night I totally felt like that happened to me. Not to the extreme that it did to her but still! Someone wouldn't let go of my belly and laid their head on it for sometime was bit uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I am not someone who minds my preggo belly being rubbed or anything-if I know you fairly well. This was a little strange and another friend of mine-an on-looker thought so too!

So, I would LOVE to hear some of your stories-if you have any personally or some you have heard. I need a good laugh. You can either comment it or send it to my email at smjury(at)gmail(dot)com.

P.S. Maddie's new favorite phrase, "Ah, phooey!"

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Erin said...

It's so funny how quickly OTHER girl's pregancies fly by! You defenitely look way too good to already be 30 weeks!

I actually love the pregnancy attention I get. I love how even strangers smile and ask questions and give advice. I guess I just like the easy ice breaker and making random friends.