Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Over half way...

through October that is!!

I can't believe that this month has gone by so quickly! I am relieved. When it started it seemed like forever until December but now that we are over halfway through it...it seems like everything is just around the corner...hallelujah.

It has been a good month so far. I had fun making a little wreath for our door last week-a bit late I know-but I like how it turned out...I was proud of myself. :)  Then, last week I got to make some stuff at our "Simply Souper" for Christmas. We also found Patrick's Halloween costume this weekend! YAY! I had no idea what he was going to be and we walked into a consignment store and it was sitting right there-ahhhh, relief for Mama and excitement from the little man!

We can't upload pics quite yet. :( Thankfully though, Mike's great brother, Aaron, is sending some stuff our way-THANK YOU!

Let's see... Maddie finished gymnastics and Daddy was able to come for her last time. She was so happy he was there and did better than she did the whole time! Patrick and Mommy start the Parent/Tot class today-he is really excited!

Maddie still has more attitude than we no what to do with right now and we are crossing our fingers that that will calm down soon. Patrick is...Patrick. 2 and silly as can be. He is into "smelling" Mommy and it makes me crazy!  He laughs and laughs and does it over and over...he sniffs my face or my arm with his nose pressed right against my skin. Oy, the thought is making me crazy now! Mike thinks it is hilarious and tells the boy to, "Go smell Mommy". hmmm, I am going to have to break this teaming-up thing they have going on. He has also been having severe problems with is eye-lashes, yes eye-lashes. They are so long and have been curling back into his eyes- a lot...ouch!

I know, this is all such "exciting" stuff. We don't have a ton going on...well, we do just not "blog-exciting".

In order to hold me over for the next week or so, I'm posting old pics...

These are from just back in April, a temple trip. He looks so tiny!

 She is just a beautiful girl!

They make me so happy.

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