Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Just a quick post to say we are alive. I know it hasn't been quite a week but...
let's face it, I blog all the time. I had a lovely time this past weekend to the temple with my "bestie". It was a great girls getaway and wonderful to see another great friend receive wonderful blessings of her own.
Daddy and the kids had a fab. day of their own at the Zoo and playing outside while that wonderful Daddy finished up staining the crib. (his one coat looked WAY better than my 3...hmmm)

As for this week, we have stomach bug and hope to recover fully soon.

At least the little lady in the belly is getting her energy out even if the rest of us cannot. She is going crazy and sticking things out until I push them back in. We play this game back and forth until one of us gives up...usually me. She sleeps when I am awake-most of the time-and is awake when I TRY to sleep. :) There is that time of day when we play our little game and sometimes she seems to never sleep for days and freaks me out when she doesn't move much one day on her quest to recover from the previous 2. Things are great with her and we are getting more and more excited to meet this little lady. Especially Maddie, she talks about it even more (we didn't know more would be possible) these days. She comments everyday that my belly is, "getting so big because the baby is getting big so she can come out at Christmas time." We love it! Patrick is actually talking to the baby more, I think he has an inkling that things will soon change and she won't be in there much longer. At least they are preparing her for the craziness this family holds...they sing to her, laugh very loudly on my belly, pretend to tickle her and actually baby talk to her (very loudly). It's lots of fun.

Speaking of Christmas, I finally started my shopping last night when I finally had a chance to without kids around. I feel a little bit more relief now that it has fianlly been started. I know I said "finally" but I really need it to be ALL done before December 1st. I really wanted it all done by the beginning of November just because it is a crazy month for me but...let's be real! :)

So much for quick...hope things are good for you all.

Pics will happen as soon as we clear some form our comp-our memory is almost to capacity.

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Jones Family said...

You are so much better than me! Haven't started much for Christmas & not really too worried about it. Which is abnormal for me, but I am too tired to get motivated for that. I just hope Santa has a better attitude than me! :)