Thursday, October 7, 2010

Need to vent a at your own risk.

Not much to blog about this week.
It hasn't been a bad week but it's been one of THOSE know the ones
that you would be happy to have over and done with.
The girl is having some serious attitude issues this week-not real sure what to do with her.
I have tried a few different tactics, nothing seems to work. I think she misses her Daddy a lot.
He's been crazy busy with work this week and then you put school on top of it and we just haven't seen too much of him. Thankfully, we have been blessed to still have a job though and to have such a hard-worker for a husband/Daddy. Patrick is still having his toilet issues...the whole #2 thing-which is getting more and more frustrating since he does know how. Yes, I posted that he had overcome that but also posted the next week that since we headed to DC for the weekend that he had stopped (it never picked back up). His attitude though is so happy, so that makes sunshine amidst the clouds.

More sunshine would be the little lady inside this growing belly of mine. She moves SOOO much and it makes me SOOO happy. I have been having more dreams about her lately and that brings much happiness too. She has looked the same in the past 2 dreams and reminds me a lot of Maddie with a bit more hair...we'll see! We go to the Dr. for our 28 week appt. today and then we start on our every 2 weeks visits-I am so glad that is finally here! I feel like this pregnancy has been a long one-good-but long so I am glad this time has finally come. With the holidays right around the corner, so much going on with church, and then getting the house ready (still) I feel like the next couple of months (plus) is going to fly! We can't wait!
Oh, and for a side note, I have passed my total weight gain as of last night- the amount that I gained total with the other 2-yay. Hahaha, actually I am not as concerned today as I was last night -we'll have to see how I feel when I read what the Dr.'s scale says though. ;)

So, here's to a good weekend with a girl's day to the temple. The temple is what I need-some peace and a calmness that can come from no where else. Hope your week has been a good one and that the weekend is even better!

(28 week belly shot to be added later today...once I finally get ready!)

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