Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh dear...

Madds: "I am marrying Austin when I get big."
Me: "oh really?"
Madds: "Yes. Why did you marry Daddy?"
Me: "Because I love him lots"
Madds (with a real snotty/matter-of-fact face): "Well, Daddy loves US."
Me: "Well, he loved me first!"

Was that wrong of me?

okay, okay, geez...don't get your panties in a twist girly!
(i guess this applies to us both)


Carrie said...

Ha ha. I just have to comment because Brayden and Robby have this same argument about me. Brayden tells Robby "Momma is my girl", "and you have Lexie Daddy!" Mike and I are SO LUCKY to have the most important people fight over us ha ha. P.S. Don't worry Mike and Patrick will soon be fighting over you Mrs. Shannon and Maddie will win:) Ha ha

kelleen said...

that little girl of yours never ceases to make me chuckle! and you too--good for you! :)