Monday, April 11, 2011

Insert red face

saturday morning was one of those blissful family mornings. one where the kiddos hopped into our bed with us and we had a tickle fight-all of us. it was awesome and it lasted for a good while. i HATE to be tickled-with a passion-but it was still so much fun and i loved every minute of that happy time together.

diane came over that morning to go to a yard sale our friend was putting on, to raise money for japan. about 5 minutes after she got here this is what maddie proceeds to say,

"diane, my mommy and daddy were doing something silly in their bed this morning!"


"Um, no, ummmmmm. that's not, ummm." (slap my face head and then cover it) i tried so hard to get words out until finally i could choke out to maddie to tell her what we were ALL doing.

diane thought it was pretty funny. us, not so much, but really-hysterical all at the same time.


(i told my friend that story yesterday at church and turned just as red, if not more so, than when it happened...and i started sweating)


Carolina said...

HAHAHAHAAHA. I about died. Oh little kiddos!

Diane said...

HAHAHAHAHA - still one of the funniest things I've ever heard her say. And it is totally true, you were super embarrased!!!

Crystal said...

That is SOOOOO FUNNY!!! I would have died. Hahaha. So funny . . .

Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

hahaha I am still laughing, thats a good one!! Thats totally hilarious! Kids are built with the best comedic timing.

Super funny!


Erin said...

So stinkin funny! Maddie is adorable.