Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween was good this year, and that neighborhood I previously posted about?
Yeah, she didn't let us down!
The kids had a great time and I LOVED having kids to pass candy out to this year!
I went for the first few houses and then ran back home to hand out candy while Mikey took the kids around in a wagon. Actually, they did our street and then they brought Makinley home while him and the "big" :( kids went out for more.
Their buckets were filled to the brim! They thought it was pretty awesome!
It was a good night-hope yours was too!

a typical Patch picture! ;)

such a handsome firefighter!

she tried to eat the acorn and thought she was hilarious!

eating a stick is funny too...dontcha know?!

we visited daddy at work to show off their costumes!
I am not entirely sure what her costume is REALLY but she declared she was a fairy princess. :)

I got to all smile at the same time! Never mind the eyes, at least we got smiles!

ready to go!

her first door all by herself!

his loot!

making gummy bears kiss is apparently soooo funny!

Her loot, though she was upset that Patch had more-the 2 smaller kiddos and I went out to the library and store that was trick or treating while she was at school so that was why he did.

she separated all her candy according to what it was...such a cute girl.

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Carolina said...

I look forward to the day when we get to pass out candy too. Glad you guys have such a great neighborhood!