Monday, February 1, 2016


Trying my hand at journaling many times have I said this in regards to this little blog?! Without going into too much detail, since it is late and I still need to roll out cinnamon rolls for Mike's seminary class in the morning, I will just say that I completely grateful for hitting rock bottom-or maybe right under rock bottom. Sounds very strange, I know. However, it's true. I don't think I have ever hit it quite like I did recently. However, it didn't take long to snap out of it and move on. I give thanks to my husband and my sister for that-and my Heavenly Father. Life is freaking hard-no if's ands or buts about it. I just looked back at my last post and chuckled a little-oooohhh, life was so different for a few short months. Anyway, I digress a little. Today, tonight I feel like I may burst with gratitude. Did something in particular change about our life? No, haha, no it didn't. But, I changed or am changing and it feels...incredible. I can't even describe it really but I want to scream it from the rooftops! So, this is my rooftop tonight. I AM SO GRATEFUL!! God is so good-even when life is so hard. I am so grateful to know where I came from, to be here-to have chosen to come here knowing good and well that it would be insanely difficult-but that I, me, myself, still made that decision because I knew how great it would be after I made it through, I knew that it would all be worth it-every heartache and struggle and sin/mistake-every bit of it would be worth it...and again, that it was MY choice. Even more grateful for a Savior who even made that an option for me to choose from. My heart is so so so full tonight. And it feels so good.

P.S. Also so grateful for that cute bunch ^^^^up there-love them to pieces.

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Kaylynn said...

I admire your attitude so much. Thanks for being such an amazing example. I hope things turn around for you guys soon!! Miss you and love you!